Room Interior Casa Don Juan welcome to ENSUITE ROOMS | SHINE BAREstablished 1995
In the heart of Benidorm's Old Town
Room Interior welcome to ENSUITE ROOMS | SHINE BARBeen in the heart of
the Old Town for over 25 years
Casa Don Juan
Bar Interior welcome to ENSUITE ROOMS | SHINE BARWith the convenience
of a fully stocked bar
Casa Don Juan


Our Story

Casa Don Juan first started as a leather handbag shop in the heart of Benidorm Old Town. Then in 1995 Yvonne and Tjeerd were the first owners and that is when Casa Don Juan was born and they made it into ensuite rooms and bar. They then sold the business in 2000 to Philip aka “The Duchess”. This is when our Lorraine started as a part-time house keeper and is still with us today, as is Antoine, who started in 2002. After Philip retired it has had a few loving owners like John and Barbie but the hotel and bar has never lost the quirkiness or charm that everyone loves about this old but stylish building. Paul, Ian and Kenny have now taken over Casa Don Juan as a new venture, where we plan to keep it a fun affordable LGBTQ+ venue that offers great rooms at great prices.

Our repeat customers can vouch for our reputation.


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